Online Learning: Short Guide For Students

Even before COVID-19, there was high growth and adoption in online learning. However, the pandemic has changed education forever. In the post-pandemic world, a new hybrid model of education will emerge. As a potential online student, you should acquaint yourself with strategies to support your online learning process.

Create a Dedicated Study Space

Your progress depends on your study environment. Adequate space is free of distractions and has the following characteristics: good lighting, ergonomics, ambiance and access to supplies. Attempt to dedicate a specific room or desk for your studies.

Manage Your Time

Determine how much work there is to complete over the semester and develop the following: a semester plan, a semester schedule, a weekly schedule and daily to-do lists with specific and measurable goals.

Allocate a specific part of your day to do your most focused studying. However, make use of smaller blocks of time available during your day to study smaller pieces of information.

Learn Online Etiquette

Communicating by e-mail with your instructor is both necessary and preferred. Use a formal, professional tone and the instructor’s full name. Break your message up into multiple paragraphs with appropriate punctuation. Keep messages clear, brief and to the point, and make sure you have one subject per e-mail.

Meet Technical Requirement

A reliable Internet connection is mandatory when engaging in online learning. Also, ensure you have all the required items you may need, including a computer with a large screen, a printer, notepads, folders, books, to name but a few. Many courses require you to purchase software, which may be expensive. Therefore, it is best to familiarize yourself with the technical requirements of the course before your enrolment.

Self-care as an Online Learner

Self-care restores your health and energy for you to become a better student. Self-care entails your physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual wellbeing. The first step in developing a self-care plan is to assess which areas of your life require more attention. Nevertheless, do not associate self-care with idleness or procrastination.

Review, Revise and Perfect

Online learning is proactive, not reactive, and requires a higher level of self-directed learning skills. Thus, you have to continually monitor and assess your progress as well as perfect your strategies. In case you cannot find the way forward independently, you can reach out to instructors and university support services.

Face Resistance

As an online student, conquering resistance is your most significant task. Resistance is universal, perpetual and will ensure you procrastinate. You and you alone are responsible for conquering resistance through the continual implementation of the previously mentioned strategies.

Overall, as an online learner you are accountable for your learning environment. Online courses often provide you with greater flexibility in organizing your time which, can be a tremendous asset or an unbearable nuisance depending on how you manage your time and life.