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No event organizer should feel uncertain about the speaking quality at their event. Like, you Dr. Ochis was frustrated by listening to the same, clichéd material presented by most speakers.

She developed a presentation method that moves audience members towards decisive action through a stirring tone, research-based knowledge and presentation wording which appeals to all learners. She will develop the self-leadership of the audience members and guide them to prosper in an ever-changing business world so they can start growing again.


When Dr. Ochis speaks at your event, your audience will be:

  • 1. Educated and inspired
  • 2. Catalyzed towards action
  • 3. Raving about your event

When Dr. Ochis speaks, she:

  • 1. Instills self-leadership in listeners
  • 2. Bridges the gap between who listeners are and who they want to be
  • 3. Provides audience members with the information, strategies, and support to start growing again

Dr. Karina Ochis Speaks On These Topics

1. The Future Of Leadership – Became a leader for the future!

Everyone wants to be a leader, but most don’t know where to start. Dr. Ochis presents the styles of leadership that will help aspiring leaders in the future in contrast to leadership styles that should be left in the past. Dr. Ochis will teach your audience how to use influence, power and reputation to their advantage, turn their employees into engaged supporters and make their leadership dreams a reality.

2. Next Generation Management – Learn how to manage Generation Z and Y!

General directors world-wide want their employees to be engaged at work yet most cannot retain, educate and motivate the youngest generation of employees which results in lost company profit and productivity. Dr. Karina Ochis through The Ochis Model of Multigenerational Leadership ensures you have the knowledge and the confidence to integrate, educate and manage young employees so your company is prepared for the future.

3. The Future Of Business – Make informed decisions about the future of your business!

Dr. Ochis guides your audience into the business of the future! She taps into her network of prominent professors and businesspeople and daws on her background in both research and business to provide a research-based action plan based on organizational behaviour, neuroscience, psychology, anthropology and transformational pedagogy that was time-tested eliminating the guesswork out of business-building.

4. Branding – Build a brand that take you to the next level!

In today’s digitalized marketplace everyone wants to either have a brand or to be a brand yet, most people don’t know how to build a brand that monetizes. Dr. Karina Ochis, Ph.D, a best-selling author on branding, has been building brands, managing brands and has been a brand for over a decade, way before branding was fashionable. She will teach your audience the secrets of successful branding.

5. Women’s Events – For the woman leader to become a CHOICE MAKER!

Dr. Karina Ochis is a queen maker and helps women become the heroines of their own lives so they avoid giving up their dreams. No female in business should feel like she is less than her male counterparts! Dr. Ochis was also frustrated by this ever-present reality of the professional environment so she presents a system of authentic female leadership and models the way for businesswomen towards professional achievement and personal fulfilment.

Social Responsibility Prestige Bonus
No event organizer wants to appear that they do not support diversity. When Dr. Ochis speaks at your event you are immediately perceived as forward-looking, a champion of diversity and considerate towards the next generation because as a young female professor she is in a category of her own and will stand out in any line-up of speakers through her competence, speaking style and features.

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