Prof. Dr. Karina Ochis is a culturally sensitive, influential and inspirational academic. Dr. Ochis is the epitome of a true professional who has the ability to work with a diverse population of clients, undergraduates, graduates and doctoral level candidates at an international leading level. Dr. Ochis is a captivating speaker with a very systematic, analytical and inquisitive mindset.

Rev. Dr. Oxford York, Ph.D., Canada


I invited Dr. Ochis to lecture on leadership for the future and conflict management as part of the MBA programs that I teach throughout Asia. Her high-energy presentations were well-crafted, thought-provoking and exceeded our expectations every time. The key leadership concepts Dr. Ochis presented made a profound difference in the way attendees will lead their teams during the coming year. We all came away with valuable, concrete ideas to work with and some long-held beliefs tipped over. Dr. Ochis is not just a professor or speaker; she is an experience. I highly recommend Dr. Ochis as the professor for the next generation.

Dr. Vorravee Pattaravongvisut, Thailand

CEO, Professor, Columnist

A trusted consultancy partner for succession management and employee assessments that delivers the highest results. As the most experienced shipping agency in Romania, with a tradition of over 50 years, we required the utmost confidentiality, rigorous documentation and planning in leading change and ensuring the succession of our executives. Karina demonstrated great knowledge of our business and a deep understanding of our culture and staff. I highly recommend Karina to all potential clients who expect the highest results.

Virgil Dragan, Romania

CEO, Navlomar Maritime

Thank you Dr. Ochis for your feedback throughout the Leadership course. I took on board everything you said to improve. Sometimes the doctoral journey can feel like a marathon uphill and other times it flows. It is the biggest challenge I have ever undertaken. I am inspired from other women like you  who have completed it and are working your own businesses. Fantastic!

Louise Delaney, Ireland

Doctoral Candidate Monarch Business School Switzerland, Leadership Consultant and Author

Karina’s message was very captivating and the Uplevel Summit has been truly successful. My team and I are very glad to have pursued this collaboration.

Shirley Hills, Nigeria

President & Chief Executive at Shirley Hills Global and President & Founder at Crustos Prestige Group Founder

Karina’s rebranding literally changed my life. The Global Wealth Strategist identity she created helped me increase my sales and live the lifestyle of my dreams travelling around the world. If your looking for a team who can really help you the KO by Karina Ochis agency is your agency.

Charlie Dombek, LA, US

Global Wealth Strategist, International Businessman, Film Investor, Keynote Speaker

Karina is a bright and innovative businesswoman with an eye for a great story. She attracts success, energy and learns from the best. Not many people do that at such a young age.

Wayne Allyn Root, NY, US

Vice Presidential Nominee, Best-selling Author, TV & Radio Personality

Karina applies her wisdom and experience in business and branding in ways that derive success. Capable and intelligent she will maximise your online visibility and will help both you and your business surpass your objectives.

George Ross, NY, US

Donald Trump's Right Hand Man, Executive VP & Senior Counsel, The Trump Organization

Karina Ochis is a very intelligent individual with a great eye for branding. Karina’s branding company gave me a clear direction. They are very reliable and extremely responsive. As a result of their work, my company as well as my brand have been successfully identified as what I envisioned.

Valery Molone, USA

Life Coach

Karina Ochis is an exceptional and very professional entrepreneur who works at a very high standard and has set the bar high not only for her clients but also for her business. Thank you so much Karina for this opportunity of working together and I highly recommend your services to top professionals.

Kerrin Black, USA


When I think of Karina Ochis, I think about planning success and obtaining it with a strong degree of elegance. She is a key businesswoman with solid knowledge in many business fields. I strongly recommend her and her agency in your pursue of taking your business to the next level.

Richard Bollo, Germany

CEO Wohn Invest Management

I thoroughly enjoyed my collaboration with Karina. I have seen her grow and develop throughout the years, mastering her field. There is no substitute for her enthusiasm. Her results speak for themselves. I am proud to call her a friend and to be part of her story.

Digendra Vir Singh, The Netherlands

Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author