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250 EUR

reduce your stress in management decision-making and become in charge of your professional future

Dr. Ochis, a Harvard educated Professor proficient in Swiss quality research, will guide you through your small-to-great business or reputation problem, taking the guess-work out of building the business and life you desire.

All high-profile individuals want an advisor on speed-dial who gets the job done when others have failed – Dr. Karina Ochis is that advisor.

What you get with this
one-on-one session

  • One-on-one 90 min call with Dr. Ochis
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Actionable post-call blueprint tailored to your pressing problem
  • Additional materials to help you in your problem resolution
  • Eliminate the guesswork out of business-building
  • Make informed decisions about your professional future
  • Ensure your legacy and avoid living life thinking “whom you could have been”

Most business owners can’t get their head around the expertise and implementation required to achieve their professional goals. Dr. Karina Ochis eliminated the guesswork out of business-building and developed a reliable method of consultancy combining leadership, psychology and branding so you can confidently achieve your professional objectives offering you the peace of mind of being prepared for the future, regardless of your education, company size, culture, industry or sector.

Prof. Dr. Karina Ochis Ph.D offers high-end executive consultancy in leadership, branding, reputation management, succession management, organizational reorganizations, employee assessments and predictions through the Doctor Ochis Method, that ensures the success of her high-caliber clients who want to achieve and maintain their competitive advantage in an ever-changing business marketplace.

Customers from 4 continents trust Dr. Ochis

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