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The Olympics of Life: My Formula to Win at Life Presented at TEDx

In 2017 I had the opportunity to reiterate my comprehensive study “The Olympics of Life” at the prestigious TEDx conference.

TED and TEDx events are dedicated to sharing and spreading great ideas through powerful talks. I have dedicated much time to craft my formula on how to win at life and was eager to present it to the world in an inspiring and thought-provoking manner.

Living the Olympics of Life is no easy task. But what exactly is this Olympics? It is both a solution to all your problems as well as an outlook on life. It is both a journey I am undertaking myself as well as something I am preaching.

I was a curious mind from a young age, so when I heard the phrase “The quality of your life depends on the quality of your questions” I took it quite literally. As a consequence, when I was 12, I asked my mom a really good question as she was watching the Summer Olympic games at that time. I asked her: “Mother…why do athletes compete in the Olympic games?” She told me that it was to showcase the unlimited capacity of the human potential, to bring pride to their country and to the whole of humanity. So of course, I wondered if I could maybe become an Olympic Athlete. Clearly that was not my calling. However, I did decide to become an olympic athlete of life; a person who is dedicated to the mastery of life.

In every generation there are a few people that take it upon themselves to contribute to the advancement of a specific domain or of humanity in general. I call these people the olympic athletes of life. They are the ones who turned their lives into the Olympics. My time passed studying these people, hoping that one day I might become one of them.

The difference between an olympian of life and a non-olympian is having a mission, a mission that is authentic to you, larger than life and driven by your purest intent. Each and every one of us has a talent. If you do not use this talent, it fades away. These are the people who nostalgically tell you how when they were young they once had an idea and never got to pursue it.

If you use this talent selfishly, you will reach only a specific level of wealth, wellbeing and fame. But when you choose to use it for the greater good, when you choose to use it for humanity, you will realize that your inner power becomes unlimited. And then the real competition begins.

You will have to sacrifice the short-term pleasures for your long-term goals. You will have to prioritize your health and keep a strong mind over things such as leisure, time off, vices, sleep and some friendships. Yet, you will do so gladly, enthusiastically even, because you are a man or woman on a mission.

Due to the Internet my struggles as a life athlete are unfolding before your very eyes. You will cheer for my wins and laugh at my losses and be appalled by the critical voices of my haters.

I do not know what the future holds but I can assure you there is one thing you will see me do: fight with grace and audacity, because this is my Olympics of Life and I have decided to live it to the fullest. I invite you to perceive your life as the Olympics because once you become an olympic athlete of life everything changes for the better.