The Guiding Principles of Perfect Timing

The Guiding Principles of Perfect Timing is the first of a blog post series on the topic of time and space. This year I focused on understanding the concepts of time and space and on uncovering techniques for their correct implementation in our day-to-day lives in order to conquer our problems and fulfil our dreams.

Overcoming our problems and turning our dreams into reality is increasingly difficult in today’s rapidly changing context. Time management techniques have failed overachievers repeatedly. This reality revealed to me that we are trying to manage something most of us do not truly grasp – time. I consequently launched into an extensive research on the matter.

Research shows that timing is essential in leading the life you want. Perfect timing is the secret to overcoming problems and turning dreams into reality.

What is timing?
Timing is defined as the ability to select the precise moment for doing something for optimum effect. Whilst we often discuss the timing of a musician or an athlete, we rarely think of timing as a way to manage our lives. Yet, if there is an optimum moment for a boxer to throw a punch in order to win the match, there surely is an optimum moment for you to make a phone call or to engage in any personal or professional activity with maximum effect.

Below you may find four principles to guide you in your quest for perfect timing:

Time works for those who work!
Wishful thinking is guaranteed not to solve your problems but massive action will. You should relentlessly work towards your goal meanwhile time will synchronize with your actions. Time does not work on its own towards your objective, it needs to corroborate with action. When time is not corroborated with an action, it becomes a wasted resource. Has anything ever been resolved without you actually solving it?

Your daily ‘to do lists’ are slowly killing you!
To do lists are flawed because they fail to take into account the involvement of other people. You are in charge of the things you completely control. However, most tasks require the involvement of other people and depend on their willingness and interest to solve that problem. Each person has their own issues to handle and they will rarely be both interested and available to solve yours. Consequently, your to do lists become never-ending. Instead, choose to focus on one or two main things every day and take into consideration the circumstances of the people you wish to involve in the process.

Procrastination is the enemy!
Small unsolved actions are guaranteed to cause you great heartache in the future. We all experience daily nuisances that we chose to ignore. The bills need to get payed, passwords need updating, the electrical system should be revised. However, we tend to ignore these issues until they become immense, causing us great distress. This is not a smart calculation of our time. Issues should be resolved ahead of time, when they are small and manageable.

If you can kick one habit next year, let that habit be procrastination!

Do not follow the crowd!
Firstly, the people who left their mark on the world did one remarkable thing – they did not follow the crowd. In the matter of timing, do not follow general opinion. Most people take longer to achieve a goal or to solve a problem than they should, so the general opinion is by default faulty.

Secondly, timing largely depends on your capacity and sheer will to attain the objective. Others may not be aware of your capability nor of your will. So, they will generalize based on their experience. Their experience does not need to become your reality.

Mastering timing is hard but it is a journey well worth the effort. Follow these principles in your professional and personal life and witness an increase in productivity and a decrease in your stress levels. May time be on your side!