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Most attendees struggle to absorb information presented at academic conferences. Dr. Ochis’ taps into her cross-domain background as a pedagogue, researcher and speaker offering audience members leading academic information conveyed in a dynamic and enticing tone at her guest lectures.
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Most business owners don’t have a clear picture about the future of their business and of their employees that’s needed to reach their long term goals.

Dr. Ochis eliminates the guesswork out of business-building having developed a reliable framework of consultancy, one that mixes leadership, psychology and branding strategies.  By implementing these strategies, you can confidently reach your future objectives, and achieve peace of mind by being prepared for the future.

You will receive the necessary guidance, knowledge, competence and support for you to avoid investing in dishonest employees  or false business promises. 

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Get access to Dr. Ochis’  network of prominent professors and business people and her multi-skilled background, for  a research-based action plan based on organizational behavior, neuroscience, psychology, anthropology and transformational pedagogy.

Businesses want high-performance employees yet struggle to motivate and invest in the right employees. Dr. Karina Ochis leverages her academic background in generational studies and employee engagement to deliver cutting-edge, scientific evaluations of personnel performance,  for you to minimize your investment risk in employees and make informed decisions about your company’s future.

Senior managers across industries understand the importance of developing employees to assume critical roles and prepare the organization for the future, yet most procrastinate the process or don’t know where to start. Dr. Ochis and her team of professor-consultants, advise executives in succession, replacement, career planning, and organizational development to ensure the seamless movement of talent within the organization.  You will receive a service that is integrated, calculated and reliable ensuring your company’s durability in the future and the perpetuation of your legacy.

In today’s digitalized marketplace everyone wants to either have a brand or to be a brand. The problem is most business people don’t know how to build a brand that monetizes consistently. Dr. Ochis has been building corporate and personal brands, managing international brands and has been a brand for over a decade. Through her company Sci-fi Branding, which specialized in next generation branding, you receive an additional integrated service that gives you an unrivalled competitive advantage.

Dr. Ochis brings her unique combination of communication skills, branding, business and psychology acumen to global business and community leaders to help them navigate the greater company or brand crises of their lives in a wide array of issues and complex challenges. All high-profile individuals want an advisor on speed-dial who gets the job done when others have failed – Dr. Karina Ochis is that advisor.

Owners sense when something in their company is broken yet often they don’t know how to fix it. Whether you are not meeting KPIs, your employees or processes have become inefficient or essential tasks are not covered, Dr. Ochis and her team of professor-consultants, will diagnose, strategize and monitor the process from set-up to operations. Tapping into her network of reputable academics and business persons, Dr. Ochis  advises small and medium-sized organizations in mergers, consolidations, takeovers, buyouts, recapitalizations and divestiture in an array of small to great leadership issues.

General directors world-wide want their employees to be engaged at work yet most cannot retain, educate and motivate the youngest generation of employees which results in lost company profit and productivity. Dr. Karina Ochis through The Ochis Model of Multigenerational Leadership ensures you have the knowledge about young employees so your company is prepared for the future.

Dr. Karina Ochis helps women become choice makers, so they avoid giving up their dreams and become the lead heroes of their own lives.  Dr. Karina Ochis  presents a system of authentic female leadership and models the way for businesswomen towards professional achievement and personal fulfilment.

Bonus: The Confidentiality Agreement

It’s up to you to tell the world if the transformation in your business was all you or that you purchased access to Dr. Ochis’s exclusive consultancy services. Whilst some of our clients like the business-world to be aware they have Dr. Ochis as their consultant, other leaders want to show the world it was them calling the shots.

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